Transformation Tracker Updates

As part of our continual efforts to improve your experience, we are excited to announce some updates to the Transformation Tracker. Effective immediately the following updates have been made to the website:

  • The food database has been updated to include more foods. The offering will now include more than 200,000 items from various grocery stores, restaurants, and other stores.
  • A new Advanced Search feature will help improve the search interface. Over time, it will better customize search results to better reflect what people are looking for, will take into account misspellings, and ensure a better overall experience. You can also filter the search results by a number of different parameters.
  • The Nutrition area under My Plan has been updated with a new look and feel, as well as with some improved functionality. This update will bring your recently and frequently eaten meals to the forefront, making the process of logging meals much simpler. (NOTE: There will be a popup explaining a few of these changes when you next log in to the Transformation Tracker; to prevent this popup from displaying, simply check “Don’t show again”)
  • The interface where you upload your before and after pictures has been improved, allowing you to more easily upload photos and crop them, all within the browser.

We are also announcing the official launch of a mobile app, which has previously been available only in testing. This app is available in both iTunes and Android markets, and will have all the benefits of the search and food database upgrades to the website, as mentioned above.

To add the mobile app to your device, search for “Make Life Better” or “Unicity” in the iTunes store or in the Google Play market (formerly known as the Android market). While the updated app has been sent to the respective app markets for approval, it may take a few days for those to become available. Be aware, the old version of the app will still be available until the new version is officially approved.

We are excited about these updates and hope they improve your experience. If you have already finished the Transformation experience, we have made the tracker available to you for an extended period of time, allowing you to use the tracker and enjoy the enhancements.


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